Vitamin, Decathlon Design System

Create digital product that make sense for sports people

Sports people is at the center of our concerns. It is by listening to him, observing him and asking him questions that it all begins ...


It’s about being alive. It’s about being positive and full of energy.


It’s about being true to yourself, and towards others.


It’s about being accountable, it’s about being the main player in your own life.

Be accessible for everyone

All our digital products and services should be designed to ensure that people can use our services regardless of their abilities, their environment, or the devices they use.

Accessibility is a criteria that Decathlon United Design System strongly supports because it ensures openness, fairness and equality to all users.


Comply to WCAG level AA minimum

All devices

Support various devices (Mobile & Desktop - Android & IOS - IoT)


Be international, English first now and multilingual in future


Be culturally aware, differences fueling our work

For real

Test ideas and design with real users

Ready to get started ?

Guidelines and design rules are available for you to start framing your app or webapp design system. In constant evolution, Vitamin will evolve overtime.

Design products for sports people. Make them accessible wherever they need them, get the best out of the digital world.