Sport Activities


The biggest qualified sport activities database

A sport activity is the conjunction of a date, a place, a sport and people. Our objective is to help each sport users to find the sport activities that suits him. Our API allows allows all sport entrepreneurs who want to create sports activities qualified on the basis of a sport, a date, a place and people.


Enjoy premium features and exposure

Promote your sport activities

Increase the subscription on your events with a multiple front distribution inside the ecosystem.

Propose sport activities to your users

Display qualified sport activities on your application to make them practicing more sport and discover new ones.

Easily propose activities with a widget

Display sport activities in less than 10 minutes on every website with few lines of code.

Appear on Decathlon and partners fronts

By using our API, your activities will appear on our main activities front on but also on all the front using our API to display activities which will give your activities a lot of visibility.

They use it

We're happy to make businesses and developers life easier


TrainMe is a platform allowing each sport user to find their personal coach.

They use our API to display their coaches on our front and to acquire new sport users thanks to this new acquisition channel